Oxydol New Clean'n Fresh Formula
Fresh‘n up on how Oxydol is cleaning up in the laundry department. Take a moment and savor what makes fans sweet on Oxydol. Check back often as we will frequently refresh‘n this page…

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I remember my mother using Oxydol detergent many years ago. I was just a little girl growing up in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mts. here in East Tennessee. While shopping at a local Dollar General Store, I found the new Oxydol laundry detergent. This was the first time I had seen the product in many years. I bought it and was really surprised when I used it. It cleans so well and the fresh smell is just wonderful. I LOVE IT. I can only find this product at the dollar store. It is a very good product and should be sold in other stores. The price is reasonable ($5.00). Thanks so much for the new Oxydol and thanks for bringing back the memories of so many years ago.

I was happy to be able to find liquid Oxydol in Superior WI and Duluth MN recently...I have NEVER had my whites come so clean...I live in an area with very hard water and I was absolutely amazed to see the difference when using Oxydol..

My wife has been using Oxydol for as long as she can remember, and she refuses to use anything else. Unfortunately, when she sends me to the store, I'm the one who gets the guff when I come back without it, and that has been happening lately. We live in the small community of Brackenridge, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh. Giant Eagle doesn't seem to carry Oxydol, and neither does WalMart. Community Market in Natrona Heights stopped stocking it a few months back. I bought all that was on the shelf (3 boxes) the last time it was on sale for a dollar off at the Shop 'N' Save in Russellton, but it appears that it was being discontinued there, too. We're now down to our last few loads remaining in the last box, and she's getting pretty upset that we can't find her Oxydol anywhere. I've tried to coax her into getting another brand, but that just starts a heated argument that usually involves us criticizing each other's mothers, may they rest in peace. Any suggestions?
Joe, Brackenridge, PA

I have been using your Oxydol laundering detergent for over thirty years. Now I can no longer find it at any store location. I have bought it at RAYS Supermarkets, Meijer, The Pharm. None of these stores are stocking it any longer. As much as I hate to I have been forced to buy TIDE. What is going on? My Home Zip code is 45895. Can you furnish me with a list of your suppliers in my area?


I love the OXYDOL detergent it works great at a great price!!! Do u carry it in a bigger quantity??

Dear CR Brands,

Just a quick congratulatory note to let you and your associates know how wonderful I think your Oxydol product is. I recently purchased the new Clean\'N Fresh formula @ our Ingles grocery chain instead of my usual Gain. I was blown away by the wonderful smell and the excellent cleaning power. I will be buying your product from now on.

Carin, Lexington, NC

Bought Oxydol the other day at Dollar General, loved the old formula just tried the 2x concentrate. Love your product will purchase more, thank you!!!

I love Oxydol detergent, but can't find it in Chicago.  Can you help me locate the nearest retailer.  It really does clean better than the alternatives.  I hope you respond.

Mary, Chicago, IL

I started using your new Clean and Fresh formula several months ago and loved it. We live in an are where are water is very hard and sulfuric so this product worked great!

I've recently discovered Oxydol liquid in a local Dollar Store.  I love the original scent....in the green bottle.  It reminds me of my grandmother because she used Oxydol powder years ago.  Where else can I buy your product?