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Oxydol's® Smells So Good, ultra-concentrated formula offers a lasting freshness, a great value with more loads per bottle, and a trusted cleaning performance with the power of Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator. This Oxydol, well... Smells So Good! Leaving your laundry smelling delightful, fresh and clean for up to 2 weeks.

Available in 50 & 100 oz. liquid, and the original 100 oz. powder.

Directions For Use

Liquid: For normal washloads, fill between line 0 and 1 (1 oz.). For larger loads, fill to line 2 (2 oz.). Safe for all machines including HE.

Powder: Add Oxydol detergent as the machine is filling with water, then add clothes. For normal loads, fill scoop halfway to line 1 (2 oz.). For large loads, fill scoop above line 2 (3-4 oz.). For HE machines, follow manufacturer's recommendation on using powder.

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This is my favorite detergent! It cleans really well and smells great.

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I love this detergent in powder form. I wish more stores in my area carried it! No other product cleans as well as Oxydol.

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This is such a fantastic detergent for the value! I love the original scent but would love to see the green specks added back to the powder. Thanks, Barbara

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