Learn more about Oxydol, and gain some helpful tips

Q: The old 50 oz. Oxydol® liquid cleaned 33 loads, but the new bottle says “now 50 loads.” How is this possible if the size of the bottle has not changed?

A:  Our scientists have developed a new concentrated Oxydol formula, so a little goes a long way. Now you can use less per load, and get the same great results!

Q: What are the benefits of using a concentrated detergent like Ultra Oxydol?

A:  Concentrated detergents save you money, and are better for the environment! More loads per bottle means less water used in manufacturing, less waste in our landfills, and less fuel required for shipping. When using Ultra Oxydol in an HE washing machine, you save resources at home too.

Q: Can Oxydol be used in cold water?

A:  Oxydol is designed to work in all temperatures of water, however warm or hot water usually work best for cleaning. A trick to consider when using cold water: dilute a dose of Oxydol in 4-8 oz. warm water first, to help activate the ingredients, and then add to the cold water.

Q: Can Oxydol be used in my High Efficiency washing machine?

A:  Yes, Oxydol is designed to work in all machines, including HE. Powder detergent may need to be diluted in 4-8 oz. tap water before adding to your HE machine.

Q: Is Oxydol safe for septic systems?

A:  Yes, Oxydol powder and liquid have been tested, and are safe for use with septic systems. Always use as directed.

Q: Is Oxydol available online?

A:  Oxydol can be purchased online at www.jet.com and www.mybrands.com.

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